At 45 I was told by fertility specialists I had no chance of getting pregnant because of my AMH & FSH levels. I swear to you, I almost fell off the toilet when I read the test result- PREGNANT. A'ndrea believes in you NO MATTER WHAT and has the confidence & track record to back that stuff up!


Introductory 2.5 hour session

This is available for a one time only purchase as an introduction to the 6-month program. It's a full 2.5 hour phone/Skype audio session so you can experience the process, and if this work resonates for you. Experience the 3-prong approach of the reiki (to clear & energize), the intuition work (to find the subconscious blocks that are holding you back), and the mindset work (to process and release the blocks). Get specific homework for you to begin diving into and releasing these patterns that aren't serving you anymore.

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Mamas in the Making Course

A four week online class (one per week) that explores the four main areas that doctors aren't covering when it comes to fertility. Learn what's really causing your physical issue, why where you're putting your energy matters, how to release the stressful thoughts perpetuating your condition, and the external factors that can be contributing to your infertility. This is a great beginning for understanding the mindset component of fertility and a great option for those who aren't able to do the 6-month private one-on-one coaching. Click here for more details.

Fertility Fast Track Program ™

A multi-faceted approach to identifying and moving you through your blocks- attending to your mind & spirit, not just your ovaries.

If you've been trying to get pregnant naturally, via IVF or otherwise and it hasn't worked, I can help. If you've been told you or your husband cannot biologically have children, I can help. If you want a child more than anything and are willing to do the work, I can help.

The people signing up for this program are open, driven, want a NON-MEDICAL approach, and know that somewhere deep down they CAN actually do this, they just need some guidance.

*Please note I am booked through the end of January. I will be accepting new clients for the 6-month program in February. Email to get on the waitlist.*


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