You're not too old, and it's not too late.

You are so much more capable than you know, and you're not any different than these ladies in the below testimonials.

Danielle~ California

At 45 I was told by fertility specialists I had no chance of getting pregnant because of my AMH & FSH levels. I swear to you, I almost fell off the toilet when I read the test result- PREGNANT. A'ndrea believes in you NO MATTER WHAT and has the confidence & track record to back that stuff up!

Milaine~ New York

After 3 miscarriages, I got pregnant naturally with TWIN GIRLS at the age of 42! Working with A’ndrea was one of the best decisions I made!

Catrin~ New York

I am pregnant at 41 after 3 failed IVFs! A'ndrea supported me throughout the process with compassion, humor and unrelenting dedication and inspiration. My entire life is permanently changed!

Eleni~ Cyprus

After 8 years of trying and several miscarriages,I gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 47!!

Michelle~ Ireland

After a 5 year journey with recurrent miscarriage, I am pregnant with a healthy baby naturally at 45! A'ndrea has helped me chage the way I think & has taught me how my brain can affect my body and how to work with that. She has given me a sense of control and seeing her other success stories inspired me to keep going. Thank you A'ndrea. I'm go grateful that I found you. You are truly an angel.

Anca~ Romania

 I faced, and learned to understand with her help, all my deepest fears and all the mental blocks that were creating the resistance in my body. I know now that nothing can keep a woman from becoming a mother. I am pregnant at 44 and due in November!

Cecelia~ England

Guess who’s 9 weeks pregnant at 43 and everything is ok?! You may remember we had a session back in March. I had autoimmune issues, a blood clotting disorder, only one ovary and recurrent miscarriage. Still sometimes battling with gremlins but I’m very consciously dealing with it!
Thanks for all your help!

Farida~ Australia

I read a few articles, saw your website and then ordered your book straight away as I loved your law of attraction approach. I started reading and then found out I was pregnant! Yay!!!! Still going to peruse the book to see what tips I can implement during pregnancy! Thanks for such a positive and empowering approach to pregnancy! 

Nickie~ New Zealand

Despite four years ttc and being nearly 43, I'm pregnant! A'ndrea gave me hope and helped me believe that I am capable of being a mum. I feel like she gave me my power back. I love her YouTube clips and her book and getting to work with her was definitely pivotal in helping me achieve pregnancy.

Hannah~ South Africa

I was told at 40 that even IVF wouldn't work. Thanks to A'ndrea I didn't need it! I am pregnant and due in July!

Brooke~ California

After a failed IVF cycle at 42 yrs old, I began working with A'ndrea. In 4 months I am 5 weeks pregnant! l love her practicality, humor, intuition and ease. She's the perfect balance of woo-woo and swear words!

Ana~ Costa Rica

I am pregnant at 40 and due in May! This process has been valuable as a tool for not only facing infertility, but also everyday challenges.

Emily~ California

Given I wasn’t a candidate for IVF due to my severe DOR and we had been trying for a couple years already, we started looking into donor eggs. I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the positive test! We didn't need the donor egg. I did it naturally all on my own at 40!

Sherri~ Massachusetts

After 2 miscarriages and failed IUIs, I'm happy to share that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! There is no way I could reach what seemed like an impossible goal without A'ndrea.

Lee~ Taiwan

I was 39 years old, never pregnant, endometriosis with only 1.5 ovaries, a blocked tube, and had been through a serious pelvic infection. But I conceived my baby naturally, because A'ndrea helped me to see that birth miracles are not exclusively reserved for women who display the “optimum fertility” conditions.

Sara~ Minnesota

A couple weeks after finishing your book... we got our first VERY positive pregnancy test! Thank you for your amazing work!

Amber~ California

We’ve suffered two miscarriages, but on top of that I was also was feeling extremely anxious with everything going on in the world and was unable to get pregnant again. I reached out to A’ndrea to talk me through some of those anxieties and fears and really get to the core of where they were coming from. Within that same month I was pregnant. And I truly believe its because A’ndrea was able to get my mind, heart and body in a place that could accept a pregnancy. I highly recommend her as she has such a calming way about her and is so knowledgeable in this field.

Jemma~ England

After 3 failed IVF cycles, I read your book and I'm pregnant! Thank you for your guidance,

Mariana~ Romania

Despite a previous miscarriage and morphology issues, I am pregnant naturally at 40 (right before I was about to do IVF!) I can't thank A'ndrea enough for her help! 

Jamey ~ Washington

After dealing with amenorrhea, male factor infertility and failed IVFs, I am pregnant naturally! A'ndrea helped me regain my cycle and my belief in myself. I'm so grateful!

Lucie~ England

Countless doctors said it would be impossible for me to get pregnant without IVF but I did because A’ndrea made me believe I could. Despite male factor issues and "advanced maternal age"-- I am pregnant. I can't thank A'ndrea enough for getting me here!

Lesley~ Scotland

Despite my age of 41, within a month of coming across A’ndrea’s work I fell pregnant! Just reading the words and hearing her voice seemed to clear some sort of blockage that I must have had in me and I am so thankful to her for helping me realise what I was able to do myself all along! 

Miriam~ Ilinois

To our surprise despite being 40, having a miscarriage and endometriosis, I became pregnant days after my first conversation with A'ndrea! She advised me like she would advise her best friend and I appreciated that. She cares about her clients, and I can't thank her enough.

Julie~ California

My life has now done a COMPLETE 180 and I am forever grateful that I was given that gift through working with Andrea. I am now pregnant at 41 and due in July!

Bhavika~ England

After dealing with PCOS and not having a cycle for a year, I am already 12 weeks pregnant and looking forward to welcoming my little miracle into the world! Thank you Andrea!

Amanda~ New York

Despite being 40 with a genetic issue called Balanced Translocation, she helped me to see that no matter what, I have the power to do this...and I DID IT!!!!! After trying for two years and losing hope, I am 5 weeks pregnant!

Helen~ Georgia

After years of trying to conceive, and fertility treatments not working, I am finally pregnant at 45!! ! I am so grateful to A'ndrea for helping me through my battle of infertility. She is truly amazing!

Karen~ California

I love her multi-faceted approach, her practicality and reliability. Our work and time together was so valuable. Soon after we started working together, I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant, and I just recently delivered a little girl!

Seetha~ Wahington DC

My experience with A'ndrea has been nothing short of inspiring and life changing. She is the perfect combination of your mother, sister and best friend all in one-taking no bullshit and giving you tender and tough love at all times. I am happy to report that after 5.5 years of unsuccessfully trying with unexplained infertility, my husband and I are expecting our first child in December 2019.

Jenn~ New York

After two miscarriages, I watched her videos over and over and read the book 3 times, really taking it all to heart. The next medicated cycle I was pregnant!

Susan~ Texas

After dealing with secondary infertility & recurrent miscarriage, I did a session with A'ndrea. I got pregnant two months later with a healthy baby girl!

Amanda~ Georgia

I was struggling with secondary infertility, endometriosis and thyroid issues. I am now pregnant and I will always be grateful to A'ndrea.

Ali~ Colorado

Despite infant loss due to trisomy 13 and multiple miscarriages, I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

Masoomeh~ Germany

After two months of starting the work I got pregnant! The reward of doing the work with A'ndrea was not only getting pregnant, but learning skills for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Sharyn~ Toronto

Despite low progesterone, fibroids and two miscarriages, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! A'ndrea was vital in achieving my dream!

Martina~ Dominican Republic

After PCOS, scanty cycles and not ovulating; I am 13 weeks pregnant! A'ndrea opened my eyes & gave me hope after just one session

Jennifer ~ United Arab Emirates

I really believe that working with A'ndrea made the difference in helping me to conceive naturally, as opposed to having months of further fertility treatments (which we would have done again without her). We didn’t have the easiest time conceiving our first baby, but we thought with the second surely it would be a little easier? I mean, my body did this once before, why couldn’t I do it again? But even when it seemed like everything should have worked, it didn’t. After ttc for 2 years, I came across A'ndrea's work. Meeting her & learning how to change my mindset & my approach to fertility changed everything. I'm pregnant and due in March.

Stacy~ Maine

A'ndrea's energy and sense of humor are such a breath of fresh air & you learn so much during each session. The ones where you dive deep into your belief patterns that may be blocking you from conceiving that little one are the ones that move you and inspire you. I have learned so much. She helped me manifest the perfect partner and the baby! I'm happy to say that I'm pregnant at 41 with a healthy baby!

Caitlin~ Canada

I started working with A’ndrea after experiencing a miscarriage and 1.5 years of unexplained infertility. Right away it was evident that A’ndrea had amazing intuition and wisdom. It was super easy to talk with her and it didn’t hurt that she has a great sense of humour!

did an embryo transfer shortly after starting with A’ndrea and I found out I was pregnant. Weeks later I started bleeding. I was convinced that I was miscarrying again. A’ndrea was confident that I wasn’t. She worked intensively with me in changing my mindset. Shortly after the bleeding stopped. I’m due now to give birth to a baby boy in one week :)

Sarah~ Australia

I tried to conceive for two years with PCOS. I found your videos on YouTube and conceived within two months. Thank you for helping me!

Kate~ Colorado

Despite having endometriosis and anxiety, I was able to get pregnant naturally just 4 months after my first session with A'ndrea!

Elaine~ New York

A'ndrea is down to earth, patient, understanding and spot on with her intuition. Doctors said I would have a hard time because I was 38 and had low AMH. With her help, I am pregnant and due in January!

C.C. ~ California

We were told we'd never be able to conceive without IVF, I refused to believe that and with A'ndrea's help, we are due in June!

Ginger~ South Carolina

I worked hard on my emotional blocks that A'ndrea uncovered- and sure enough, I’m 19 weeks pregnant!! And she was right- It's a girl! A'ndrea has a true gift.

Lucy~ England

I've spent the last couple of years trying to get pregnant, with PCOS, endometriosis, PID, and my man with really low morphology.I took all of her suggestions and felt so empowered. This morning, I found out I am pregnant with TWINS, and I am over the moon!

Kinjal~ California

After 3 IUIs, 3 IVFs and a miscarriage, I am pregnant naturally and due in February! I couldn't have done it without A'ndrea's help!

Jennifer~ California

After two years and two failed rounds of IVF, I am pregnant with twins! I would never have been able to do this without A'ndrea!

Grace~ North Carolina

Ultimately, in working with A'ndrea, I transcended my fear based mindset and learned how to approach all aspects of my life, pregnancy included, from a place of love. I'm now due in March!

Jamie~ North Carolina

I knew that she was the real deal...after the first session, I was pregnant with twins! I have endless gratitude for her compassion help and light to propel me forward to where I am today.

Jamie~ New York

The next week I not only got a less stressful job (which was part of my problem),  but I found out that we are pregnant!! Though I am super early in my pregnancy I now trust my body and I know exactly what is going on inside of me. This is all happening because Andrea has taught me to find my "mommy strength " and I know there is no turning back from that.

Mallory~ New York

Working with A’ndrea was intense and liberating at the same time. I learned all the tools I needed to become pregnant after a diagnosis of PCOS, an irregular cycle, and being told I’m getting older at a whopping 37years.

Jess~ Colorado

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Rebecca~ California

We got pregnant the first month!.....A'ndrea helped me navigate my anxieties and fears around the transition of pregnancy and preparations for becoming a mother.

Margaret~ New York

I went from having trouble conceiving to giving birth to a 9lb 9oz baby boy!

Natasha~ New York

My surgeon mentioned how the ENDOMETRIOSIS was so bad it was possible they would have to remove my uterus. After working through  some anger, regrets and letting go of the pain from my father's abandonment I returned back to the doctor and she said the endometriosis was gone. Amazing! 

Heather~ Florida

The type of work that Andrea provides throughout our journey is just as important if  not more important than just becoming a mother.  Her insight, wisdom and 'uber' passion to help women see their motherhood dreams realized is simply amazing.  Honestly, Andrea has helped me to realize what the fertility doctors weren't!

Robin~ New Jersey

A'ndrea's knowledge and use of the law of attraction and the subconscious beliefs that we hold around our fertility is deeply insightful and life changing information.

Oksana~ Illinois

I was on my fertility journey for many years. I also had some exhausting IVFs cycles that didn't result in a pregnancy.  During our sessions  you told me you saw my baby (a boy) and at the end of our work you predicted that having to wait until it's "the time" would be my major challenge. Well, it was! September came--and nothing.. no period at all. I didn't want to entertain even the IDEA that I might be pregnant. Too many "false alarms" over the years, too many grim predictions. I FEARED pregnancy tests, as they brought me nothing but misery for so long. So, when I finally saw the positive result on a test screen I nearly fainted. I was still in disbelief, thinking this was probably a mistake. How COULD this have happened if I didn't EVEN have a "decent period?!" I wasn't even trying. I didn't know whether or when I even ovulated

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a wonderful boy and... very happy while pretty much everybody else is cursing this year-ha! 
I have been thinking about you and your correct "prediction" and I wanted to express my deep gratitude for believing in me and my baby, even when I was losing faith myself
I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you and I am sure that many other people feel the same, so.. THANK YOU!   

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Besides getting pregnant, here are some other things that can improve with this work:

getting a cycle after not having one for YEARS

releasing scar tissue naturally

double uterine lining

triple follicles

shrink ovarian cysts

stop miscarriage

process grief of past losses or terminations

repair relationships

healing male factor infertility